Chers amis
C’était très géniale de vous voir pour la deuxième HT réunion de Zoomelage.

Gilles Charbonnier-Chair
Elaine Mitchell- Wilson- Secretary
Bruce Clarke- Vice- Chair
Irene Clarke
Irene Higgenbotham
Valerie Pellatt
Margaret Ramsay
Douglas Bober
Beth Elliott

Andrew Wilson – Treasurer

Gilles welcomed everyone to the second HT Zoomelage meeting.

1. HT Activities

-Virtual Conversation Café
Gilles confirmed that a grant of £300 had been received from Haddington Rotary Club, mainly to help fund the conversation café. It was agreed that HT purchase an annual subscription for Zoom at a cost of £124 to facilitate the café. This advanced version of the app enables breakout groups etc to be set up for Zoom meetings.
Irene C suggested that we contact Debbie
Tomlinson to update her on the proposal for a virtual café as Debbie had volunteered to take forward the idea of a French conversation café ( a face to face café)
Gilles proposed that a group be set up to discuss the plans for the virtual conversation café.
Valérie, Irene C, Irene H, Gilles & Elaine agreed to be part of the group
Elaine to email Debbie
Gilles to set up a Zoom meeting to discuss plans for the café

– Zoom Twinning Quiz
The group agreed to organise a Zoom Christmas Twinning Quiz in December.
People who bought tickets for the fund raising quiz due to take place in April 2020 to be offered a refund.
Irene H to contact Bob Mitchell about Dec quiz
Irene H to post info re refunds for April Quiz tickets on HT website/ Facebook page
– School Twinning Activities / Virtual Links with schools in Aubigny
David Gilmour (ELC officer responsible for IT systems in school) informed us that schools use Google Meet for virtual meetings.

Elaine to contact Haddington PS , Knox Academy & ATC
Gilles to contact Dunbar Twinning Association to establish if they are interested in facilitating virtual meetings between Dunbar schools & their French partners.
– Alice Burnet Scholarship
As discussed at the meeting on 7 October, the 2020 winner Carrie Evans is keen to take up the placement in Aubigny in 2021. Carrie to be invited to the next meeting. (?)
– Film Night
Ongoing- Phillipa
ATC to be contacted

Other activities suggested:
Christmas Cheer on Zoom Dec 2020
Virtual Burns Supper Jan 2021

2. HT Annual General Meeting
The AGM will take place via Zoom.
on Wednesday 25 November 2020. It was agreed that due to circumstances that the AGM will not be advertised in the East Lothian Courier.
Aubigny Twinning Committee (ATC) to be invited to attend & to give a short presentation.
Elaine to email details of HT 2020 AGM to the main Twinning distribution list, issue papers- agenda/ minutes of HT meeting 2019 & contact ATC.
Gilles to invite other East Lothian Twinning Committees.
Gilles to do the annual report
Andrew to organise the annual examination of the Twinning Accounts to be presented at the AGM
Irene H to post info about the AGM on the HT website & HT Facebook page
Gilles to issue Zoom invite
Current Office Bearers & Committee members to email Gilles if they intend/ don’t intend to continue in their roles for 2020/2021
3. Treasurer’s Update

Bank balance unchanged, however a refund on Public Liability Insurance of £28 & Rotary grant as discussed (£300) yet to be included.
ELC grant not yet received (Cllr McMillan informed Gilles that discussions about grants had taken place end Sept)
Irene H informed the group that 20 packs of Haddington Twinning Christmas cards are available for purchase.

Elaine suggested hosting a virtual ( Zoom) Burns Event in January 2021 & invite friends from Aubigny.

Date of next meeting
Haddington Twinning AGM 25 Nov 2020@19.00
Zoom invite to follow

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