Gilles Charbonnier – Chair
Elaine Mitchell-Wilson – Secretary
Bruce Clarke- Vice Chair
Andrew Wilson- Treasurer
Valerie Pellatt
Irene Clarke
Phillipa Ramsden
Irene Higgenbotham
Margaret Ramsay

Gilles welcomed the group to the first HT Zoom meeting
Following a catch up on everyone’s lockdown activities, the
group discussed the following

1. Ideas for future HT Activities
-Conversation café on Zoom-
Zoom meetings with Aubigny Twinning Committee (ATC)
Research additional features of
subscription version of Zoom App
E.g. break out rooms to facilitate conversation café
Action : Gilles / Phillipa
– Val suggested setting up e pals with ATC members. Proposal to ask ATC members to participate
Action: Elaine to Email ATC
-Organise a virtual Twinning Quiz night
– Film night
Action: Phillipa to look at the possibilities.
-Virtual Twinning activities with Haddington schools
Action : Elaine to contact schools

2. Treasurer’s Update
-Current bank balance is £2500. Annual ELC grant has not been received for period 2020/21.

Action: Elaine to contact ELC/ John Macmillan to verify if a decision has been made re the award of grants for 2020/21.

– HT is also holding ticket monies in lieu of postponed March Quiz night.
– Andrew suggested that HT Public Liability Insurance (annual fee £200) be suspended. It is currently not required as HT is unable to organise public events.
Action : Andrew to contact Insurance company
3. Fund Raising Opportunities
– Gilles informed the group of the availability of a Rotary Club community grant of £300 The group agreed to apply for the grant- possibly to fund the Zoom subscription
for the conversation café
Action: Gilles to make grant application to Rotary Club

4. HT Annual General Meeting 2020
-Proposal to have a Zoom AGM in November.
– Andrew highlighted opportunity to have a speaker from further afield.
Eg French consul/ A representative from Aubigny ? C/ tee Members requested to
to forward ideas.
– Check constitution for details of quorum required etc
May also be guidance on OSCR( Scottish Charity Regulator) due to circumstances with Covid restrictions.
Action: Elaine
The group discussed the Alice Burnett scholarship. Carrie Evans the 2020 winner
was unable to go to Aubigny because of Covid restrictions. She expressed an interest in going in 2021 (if it is possible)
The group agreed in principal but agreed that it will have to revisited nearer the time. The group agreed to invite Carrie to join the Zoom AGM.

Action: Elaine to contact Carrie

Date of next meeting:
Wed 7 October @ 19.00
Zoom Invite to follow.