Present: Gilles Charbonnier (Chair), Elaine Mitchell-Wilson, Andrew Wilson, Bruce Clark, Irene Clark,
Irene Higgenbotham, Valerie Pellatt, Catherine Baikie and Debbie Thomlinson

1 Welcome, introductions and apologies
Gilles welcomed everyone to the meeting, especially the new members to the Association.
Apologies were received from Douglas Bober, Margaret Ramsay and Jan Bundy.
In the absence of a Minute Secretary Bruce agreed to take the minutes for the meeting.

2 Minutes of the previous meeting (18 September 2019)
Their adoption was proposed by Andrew and seconded by Gilles.

3 Matters arising:
3.1 Absolutely French Action Plan update

Primary Schools
Links between Haddington Primary School and Aubigny are ongoing.
Action: Elaine to contact Aubigny Twinning Association (ATA) to continue promotion of the

Aubigny Scholl Trip December 2019
Knox Academy are sending 7 pupils to Aubigny this week. We donated £250 towards the cost of the

Blooming Haddington/Auld Alliance Iris
Elaine reminded the meeting that the funds received via the grant must be spent by April 2020. We
are waiting on the grower to confirm availability of further plants. We will continue to liaise with
Blooming Haddington on this topic.
Action: Elaine to contact grower to determine available stock.

3.2: Beaujolais Nouveau evening and film 2019
Another successful evening with a good atmosphere although slightly lower numbers.
Receipts: £624. Expenditure: £324.87. Profit: £299.
There are 3 bottles of wine left.

3.3 Future Fund-Raising events
The current fundraising methods were discussed and it was agreed we should continue with another
Quiz Night. This would be in March/April subject to availability of Bob Mitchell.
Action: Elaine to contact Bob Mitchell to determine availability.

Other fund-raising ideas were considered:
Six Nations: France are playing at Murrayfield on 7 March 2020 and given the Rugby Club usually
screen the match at the club we felt this was an opportunity to advertise HTA. In addition, if ATA could
link up with us at the screening of the game by e.g. Skype, this would give an extra dimension to the
match. While this would not raise funds (other than perhaps a raffle), it will certainly raise our profile.
Action: Irene H will contact Haddington Rugby Club
Elaine will contact ATA

Madi Gras:
Action: Elaine to contact Haddington Primary School PTA

3.4 Social Events: Petanque
An opportunity remains to promote the game with third parties such as the University of the Third Age
and other individuals. We will arrange an event in the summer.

It was noted that the condition of some of our sets is deteriorating and we should consider gradually
purchase new replacement sets.

3.5 Ideas from Dunbar Twinning Association
The benefits of a formal membership with an associated fee was discussed but the meeting agreed it
should remain as is. However, it was agreed we could make up a pro-forma for future events to
expand the existing contact list and hopefully gain more interest within the community.

3.6 Demonstration of MS Team
The application had been distributed initially to the office bearers to determine its suitability. Some of
us had experienced some difficulty in setting it up.
Action: Gilles will re-issue invitation.

4. Twinning visit to Aubigny 2020:
It was agreed an advert/article should be placed in the Courier to inform the wider community of the
opportunity to visit Aubigny. In addition, we will advise contacts within our existing mailing list of the
Contact ATA to determine exact dates in July for the visit to Aubigny.
Action: Elaine.

5. Treasurer’s Report
The current bank balance is £2,944.03

i. We received an e mail from the organisers of Haddstock 2020 event enquiring of we could arrange
a music event with a French theme. While we are unable to provide anything musically a game of
petanque could be arranged.
ii. A letter from Fiona Cutthill was received with a 1999 East Lothian Life Article on Twinning. It will be
scanned and put on the website.
iii. A letter was received from Jackie Gardener (E.L.C) inviting applications from young people (18-30)
to attend the European Political Assembly in Brussels.
iv. Following on from an earlier discussion, the idea of a regular French Conversation meeting in
perhaps a pub/cafe was proposed.
Action: Debbie to develop proposal (post meeting note: Valerie has agreed to assist)

7. Date for the next meeting is: Wednesday, 29 January 2020. 7:30pm.
Action: Elaine to book room at Town House