Present: Gilles Charbonnier (Chair), Elaine Mitchell-Wilson, Bruce Clark, Irene Higgenbotham, Beth Elliott,
Douglas Bober, Margaret Ramsay, John McMillan, Gwen Andrew
1. Welcome, introductions and apologies
Apologies received from Jan Bundy and Irene Clark.
2. Minutes of the previous meeting (04 June 2019)
Their adoption was proposed by Irene and seconded by Gilles.
Matters arising
3. Absolutely French
3.1 Primary School
Proposed link with Haddington Primary School and PS in Aubigny – L’ École des Grands Jardin due to
commence new autumn term 2019. Elaine has contacted Ann Cochrane (Language teacher at Knox
responsible for 1+2 Language programme) for an update.
Post meeting note: AC advised Elaine to contact PS teachers Marie Bagnall & Donna Guy at Haddington
Primary School who will take the project forward.
Ø Action: Elaine to contact Haddington PS
3.2 Blooming Haddington
· The irises planted in the Hardgate are looking good. Elaine has spoken to Louise Begbie re Lady
Kitty’s Garden (LKG) and of the exchange with some organisations or municipal gardeners, and they’re very
keen to do that. Fleur de lis and passion fruit flowers were suggested for further development of LKG.
Action: Elaine to contact Isabelle.
· Suggested that pupils at Haddington Primary School could plant sunflowers at LKG and also
involve the Aubigny exchange primary school (PS) in a similar garden project school by sending Harebell
Seeds (Scottish bluebells) for them to plant in their school garden in Aubigny. Also suggested that the new
PS could be involved too.
Ø Elaine to raise with teachers / Head teacher Willie French at Haddington PS
Ø Elaine to contact Isabelle at ATC
Ø Elaine to email Provost Macmillan with details and he’ll contact Bruce Murray (new headmaster
at the new PS)
· Elaine has contacted Richard Cayeux re purchasing more irises (better planted in the autumn).
There is up to £460 still in the mortification fund to cover the cost of flowers purchased for LKG.
· Britain in Bloom judges appreciated the joint project with BH in LKG including the French themed
wheelbarrow. Thanks was expressed to Jim Reilly for donating the wheelbarrow to HTA. Twinning to enter
Blooming Haddington wheelbarrow competition next year.
Ø Action Elaine: Card to be sent to Rab to say thank you for watering and taking out the
wheelbarrow each day
· Result of Britain in Bloom judging results for Haddington Application will be received on 25 October.
· Formal brass plaque now on the wall where petangue played. John has got a spare plaque, which
could go in St. Mary’s. He will bring to the next meeting.
3.3 Fund Raising
Beaujolais/film evening
Dates: 22 or 23 November
Venue: Trinity Centre
Film: TBC. Gilles suggested ‘Les Visiteurs’
Price: to be increased
Ø Elaine to contact Alison Meikle (Trinity Centre)
Ø Bruce to contact Film Club (Bill Rarity/Noel)
Ø Food: Gilles to consider (saucisson and fromage). Elaine – buns etc). Margaret to investigate
Tesco vouchers for the fromage.
Ø Raffle: hamper (plus donations from committee) – has to be drawn on the date of event
Ø Sub-committee to be organized
Ø John to contact Baron Tom re purchasing Sancerre with the Auld Alliance label (this could be sold at
the Christmas market). He will contact the Council’s licensing department to find out what’s required to
do this.
Alternative fundraising suggestions
· A stall at Haddington Christmas market – C/ tee agreed to postpone until next year
· A film festival to include films from other countries (end of 2020). Involve Dunbar Twinning. Could be held
in petanque area. Hanita Ritchie from the film appreciation society is keen to do this in partnership with EL
Twinning Associations
Ø Action : Elaine to contact Hanita
3.4 Aubigny Twinning Committee visit to Haddington 2019 (12-17 August)
The visit went well. The Tattoo event was a ‘big hit’ as was the visit to the City Chambers, Paxton House and
the ceilidh.
Elaine has written to the Lord Provost thanking him for hosting the visit to the City Chambers (organized by
John). She’s also written to Rosie Wayne and Stuart Milne. She also thanked John for all his help with the
extra events he helped to organise for our French visitors
Ø Action: Elaine to email a thank you to the team at Athestaneford Church for their help with the
refreshments for the Aubigny group visit to the Saltire Centre
Ø Action: Pictures etc to be featured in EL Courier around the time of the AGM
Improvements/additions for next time
· Visit to pub with music
· Put things in local shops next time to advertise visit of our French visitors
· Put add in Courier asking people if they would like to host
Ø Action: Visit to Aubigny next year to be on agenda for next meeting.
3.5 Scholarships 2019
Both had been successful. Beth thanked for all her work on this.
The community kitchen (Haddington bowling club) would be interested in offering our French student a work
placement during their visit next year.
4. AGM
Proposed date: Tuesday, 29 October
Ø Someone from Institut Francais to be invited to speak at AGM (Gilles)
Ø Papers to go out two weeks before AGM (one month before if something is to be put forward for
Ø Chairman to prepare a report for the year (Gilles and others). Elaine to speak to Andrew re
Ø Room at Town House to be booked (Gwen). Theatre style, 30 people, tea/coffee cake (committee)
5. Finances
Balance at 19/09/19 – £3,127.25. The cost of the visit was £2,500 (excluding the raffle – £120). John picked
up the cost of the bus to Edinburgh.
6. AOB
i. Vlotho (twinned with Aubigny) is interested in doing some future link with Haddington.
ii. Thanks to Irene for the excellent job she is doing with our website.
iii. June handed in previous secretary Minutes, which Bruce will hand in to Haddington library.
Ø Action: Gwen/Minute taker to put hard copy of Minutes in Library at the end of each year.
iv. John has been invited to and will be attending a Burns Supper in Aubigny.
v. Haddington Business Association:
Ø Action: Elaine to look into joining this.
vi Petangue afternoon with Dunbar Twinning Association and their French visitors on 26 October,
2pm – 4pm. Forty French visitors here from 24 – 29 October. James Wiley – chairman – has asked HTA
to take part.
Ø Action: Bruce to email James.