Haddington Twinning Association – Constitution
Revised November 2017

1. Name

The Association shall be called “The Haddington Twinning Association”, or
“HTA” for short.

2. Aim

The aim of the HTA shall be to promote, in pursuance of the Twinning
Agreement between East Lothian Council and the town of Aubigny-sur-Nère,
France, and such other agreements involving the Town of Haddington as may
be made with the HTA’s approval, close and cordial relations between the
towns; to arrange and facilitate exchange visits between their residents and
school pupils; to encourage cultural relations of all kinds between the towns;
and to promote social and other activities including the raising of funds for the
furtherance of these purposes.

3. Membership

a) Ordinary membership of the HTA shall be open to all interested persons
who reside or who have a place of business or work in Haddington and the
surrounding areas, to those who used to live or work there and to
organisations operating there.
b) The registration procedure for membership is for the prospective member
to inform the secretary that he/she wishes to be considered a member of
the HTA.
c) There shall be an honorary President who shall be the Provost or
equivalent of East Lothian Council. Not more than 6 persons in total can
be invited by the General Committee to become honorary Vice-Presidents
of the HTA.
d) The Mayor and Chairperson or equivalent of the Twinning Committee or
Association of any town twinned with Haddington, or any individual the
General Committee chooses to appoint, shall be honorary members of the
HTA. There shall be no limit on the number of honorary members who can
be appointed.
e) Honorary members, the honorary President and honorary Vice-Presidents
shall not be entitled to vote at any meeting of the HTA, except in so far as
they may be eligible also to be ordinary members of the HTA.

4. General Committee and Office Bearers

a) The General Committee will be elected at the Annual General Meeting
(AGM) of the HTA and shall hold office until the next AGM.
b) The Office Bearers shall be the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary,
Treasurer and Minute Secretary.
c) Office bearers shall be appointed at the AGM of the HTA and shall hold
office from one AGM to the next and shall be eligible for re-appointment to
the same office. There is no limit on subsequent eligibility.
d) In the event of an Office Bearer ceasing to hold office between Annual
General Meetings, a successor may be appointed by the General
Committee to hold office for the remainder of the year.
e) The General Committee can co-opt up to 4 additional members during the

5. Sub-Committees

a) The General Committee may form at any General Committee meeting
such Sub Committees as may be required.
b) The Chairperson shall have an option to be an ex-officio and voting
member of any Sub-Committee.

6. Meetings

a) The Secretary will publicise at least 7 days in advance the date, time and
place of any General Committee Meeting. The advance notification period
for the AGM shall be at least 14 days and publication of the date, time and
place of the AGM shall be in at least one local newspaper and by email or
post to all member addresses on record.
b) An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) may be called at any time by the
Chairperson or upon the requisition of at least six members of the HTA. In
either case at least 7 days notice of it must be given to ordinary members
of the HTA.
c) A quorum for the HTA General Committee Meetings shall be 6 members
and for the AGM or EGM shall be 10.

7. Annual General Meeting

a) The HTA’s financial year shall run from 1 October until 30 September and
the AGM shall be held as soon as convenient thereafter but not later than
30 November of the same year.
b) The annual subscription shall be such sum (if any) as may be determined
by the AGM.
c) Alterations to the constitution shall be made either at the AGM or EGM.
Any proposal to amend the Constitution shall be lodged in writing with the
Secretary not later than 7 days before the date of the AGM or EGM. No
such proposal shall be carried without first being circulated to all present
and voting at the AGM or EGM.
d) An honorary independent Financial Examiner shall be appointed prior to
each AGM who will examine the accounts of the HTA. The examination
shall take place in the period between the close of the financial year and
the subsequent AGM, pursuant to clause 7a above. The Examiner’s report
shall be submitted to this AGM.

8. Dissolution

a) In the event the Office Bearers and General Committee members
determine that the HTA should be dissolved the dissolution shall be by
majority vote at an EGM after prior notice of such intent has been given in
accordance with Article 6.
b) Should the members agree to the dissolution of the HTA the assets shall be
disposed of to some purpose or organisation whose aims correspond as
nearly as possible with those of the HTA or, alternatively, in the absolute
discretion of the Office Bearers and General Committee to a charity or
c) Any such distribution of assets shall be verified by the Honorary President